My Dream Boat – offers following services:

Full hull wrapping: hull, decorations, text and graphics.

Interior: furniture, walls and ceilings, pentry, heads.

Window tinting and surface protection.

Graphic- and interior design by professionals.

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Benefits of wrapping

Wrapping offers real advantages compared against the conventional solutions:

  • Low cost At as little as a third of the cost of a professional spray job, vinyl boat wrapping is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to marine painting.
  • Fast Vinyl boat wraps can usually be done in a day or two. That means you'll massively cut down on yard time, reducing the total cost even further.
  • Easy care A vinyl boat wrap is incredibly easy to care for. You can forget buffing and polishing - just use soap and water to keep your boat wrap clean.
  • No-fuss repairs If your vinyl boat wrap gets scratched or dented, there's no need to re-wrap the whole hull. Most repairs can be done with a simple patch, and you can even do it yourself.
  • Customisable Let your imagination run wild, or brand your boat to promote your event or sponsors, with a fully customised boat wrap. We can design and print your graphics onto vinyl, to give your boat a spectacular one-of-a-kind finish.
  • Reversible Vinyl boat wraps are fully reversible with no damage to the paint underneath (provided the underlying paint is sound). Use vinyl wraps to protect your boat's original paint or gelcoat and maintain re-sale value, or try an 'out there' new colour without having to worry about it affecting the boat's re-sale value in future.
  • Long lifespan We only use premium quality 3M vinyl for wrapping boats, which comes with up to 7-years lifespan. That means your vinyl wrap should last at least as long as a marine paint job.
  • Safe and eco-friendly With no chemicals or solvents, vinyl boat wrapping is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to toxic marine paints.



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Vinyl Boat Wrap Care & Repair

Caring for your vinyl boat wrap is extremely easy. Just as with a paint or gelcoat finish, you need to be careful to avoid bumps and scratches. But on the whole, it's a lot easier to keep a vinyl wrap looking like new than a paint finish or gelcoat.

Antifouling Once the wrap is applied should the next layer of antifouling be applied 2-5mm over the edge of the vinyl to keep the seal secure.

Lifting in / out Just like a new paint job, care should also be taken to protect your new vinyl boat wrap from the lift straps or cradle strops when hauling back in, and we recommend the use of protective sheets to cover Travelift strops. The boat should be well balanced in the lift so the strops don't move and 'grab' the vinyl as the boat is lifted. Any pins or fittings in the strops should be placed below the waterline so as not to damage the wrap.

Fenders Use soft covers or socks for fenders to protect your vinyl wrap, as rubber fenders can "grab" at the vinyl and wrinkle or even tear it.

Cleaning your vinyl boat wrap Use only soap and water to keep your vinyl boat wrap clean. Make sure you don't use any abrasive cleaners or cloths on your boat wrap, and don't use any solvents either, as this can damage the vinyl. Vinyl surfaces cannot be waxed or polished using any substances.

Water blasting High pressure water blasting can lift the edge of your vinyl wrap and force water underneath, so make sure you (or the yard employee) take care when water blasting, and avoid high pressure water around the waterline and vinyl edges. We also recommend that you antifoul just over the edge of your vinyl wrap to further guard against lifting or peeling.

Repair Vinyl boat wraps are incredibly easy to repair by professional vinyl installer if damaged. The affected area is just cut out, measured, a suitable patch cut and applied. Small fixes can be applied by non-professional also using the care kit provided. If applied correctly, the joins should be practically invisible when viewed from a few metres away or more. And because vinyl is very fade-resistant, you won't need to worry about colour-matching.


Our business idea is to offer complete services concept for our customers and create (and maintain) a superior quality standard in boat wrapping.

MyDreamBoat is a company focusing only on boat wrapping. Our partner and materials supplier is 3M. We are qualified 3M installation partner for all materials and we even have joint product development activities with 3M. We brought into the markets a new concept where surface protection film is applied directly on 3M 1080 film for boat use. This in´s an application only available for MyDreamBoat customers. We always choose the best material for our customer needs.

New technologies have disrupted businesses over the years and decades. Boat wrapping has become the disrupting technology for boat surfaces lately and we are right partner for applying it. Vinyl films are durable, good looking and stylish materials for any boat. Material is fast to install, easy to maintain and they protect the original surface perfectly for years. Wrapping offers a solution that gives the perfect looks and endurance for years.

We operate in Finland but offer services all over Europe.


We offer design service for all projects. When our customers need we also offer interior design services and create an outcome that lasts for years to come.

Please contact us and we will give a binding offer and delivery time for your project.